x_drawer is the program, which itself creates assembly drawings (type A). It can work with steel assemblies like beams, columns and braces. The x_drawer produces assembly drawings in several representation styles. The program's options help to receive what you want.

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x_plugins is the set of 53 parametric connections for Tekla Structures: beam-column, beam-beam, brace connection, handrail and deck (the most popular connections in steel detailing)

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exportImport.exe it is simple program that able to export/import Tekla Structures model to xml file. The main purpose is transferring tekla model from new version to older.

  1. Open model and press "Export" button
  2. Create new model at older version
  3. Choose xml file and press "Import" button


"Assembly comparator.exe" The app compares two assemblies, and highlights parts, which made assemblies different.
The program compares location of parts in assembly. When two identical parts has different location with small offset - so in this case is difficult to understand "Why two similar assemblies has different numbers.?"

  1. select two assemblies or two parts
  2. press "compare"