Let's customize "x_drawer" to modify drawings like example below

Customize views and sections

  1. On the "Views" tab, we set up the creation of the views to "Auto" mode - in this case the program will determine the necessary views, and the views on which nothing new can be seen will not be created.

    Set, for views, the method of creating as "Section", so that there is no confusion with the types of projections.
  2. On the "Additional settings" tab for rotation, back side and coordinate system we set "Auto" - the program will rotate the assembly so that the details are seen best and are seen from the front, and they will not placed to invisible side (dashed on the drawing) behind the main part.
  3. You should customize the view in Tekla Structures as needed (by you own standard): parts, bolts, marks, ... and save the parameters (I have saved as "Assembly_main_view" and "Assembly_secondary_view"). 

    Also, we prepare the parameters for the sections. After that, on the "File attributes" tab, we set the attributes for the views and sections. x_drawer will take to account this properties when will creates views (you need to re-open the x_drawer before that, so that it loads new files) 
  4. To ensure that the section symbols are at the same distance from the I-beam and does not overlaps onto the beam, set the "Sectional symbol properties" with adequate indents (indentation depends on the type of symbol). I save the changed parameters as "standard" and set them into the x_drawer, in the "Section symbol" field on the "File attributes" tab. 

General dimensions

  1. For the whole assembly, set the overall dimension A. We set that it is placed only on one front view.
  2. In each view we put the assembly dimension B. The beginning and the end of the dimension is depending on the assembly type, but in the most cases the "Auto" is suitable. If the overall dimension is the same as the assembly dimension, then the program will create only one.
  3. Dimension shows the location of the parts along the axis of the assembly. For this type of dimension C in Tekla Structures prepare the "Dimension properties" with the values of the levels.
    Save as "dim_level" and set to the x_drawer in to the "File attributes" tab (you need to re-open x_drawer before that).
    Since we need extra space to place the levels in the dimensions, on the tab "Additional settings" set the distance between the main dimensions set C 12mm
  4. The dimension C we put it to each part, the dimensional foot we place to the left side of the part  (to the top, for the columns), and the bolt field we tie to the one extreme bolt.

Local dimensions

  1. On the "Dimensions 2" tab, let's set into the program that the dimension lines are to the each extreme bolt
  2. On the "Dimensions 2" tab, for the parts that located on the flange of the I-beam (parallels to the assembly axis), set the dimension reference to the axis of the assembly.
  3. For all other parts, set the dimensions are binding to the face of the main part.